We're C317 Tech Ltd. We build software for humans.

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    To love people, and to share in the joy of their success.

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    To find peace in the honesty and integrity of our actions.

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    To show kindness to everyone - especially those who do not deserve it.

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    To be faithful stewards of the resources and trust given to us by clients.

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    To speak gently and humbly with clients and team mates.

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    To systematically create value by carefully crafting digital solutions for our clients.

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    To inspire others to do the same as we do.


We are great in what we do

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Consumers want it now. Can you give it to them?

The latest research from Google says that customers who need something want it now, from their phone, and will not wait. Are you up to speed?

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Does your brand inspire confidence or questions?

Current research shows your brand must be intuitive, easy, and instantly transmit who you are and what value you bring to clients. Have you had your brand market tested?

Mobile Apps
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You dreamt it, now build it.

Ready to go from a "back of the napkin idea" to app store revolution? Ask us how.

Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing puts you at the right place at the right time, every time.

Big data is complicated. We take the monster machine apart, test and measure each component, and systematically improve each one until you see results in your sales. Steady, consistent, long-term growth gives our clients peace of mind.

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Digital fires? Extinguished.

Network management, server maintenance, and business class support is part and parcel of our business.

Graphic Design
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Bring your ideas to life in a jump-off-the-page, proud to show your customers way.

Our proven, smooth graphic design process will get those ideas out of your head and on to paper or the web. From logos, to branding, to collateral materials like letterhead, business cards, banners, and everything in between.


Our Team

Team Member
Michael J. Munger CEO

Michael was born in Atlanta, GA USA. Michael owns several companies including a software development firm, an international consulting firm, and real estate holdings company. He writes in PHP, Javascript, Python, Java, and C++, and specializes in business software architecture and development.

Team Member
Malina Minkova COO

Malina is the person who takes care of the administrative and operational aspects of the company and manages day-to-day business operations, working closely with all team members. She graduated Sofia University with a master's degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical Physics. Malina has experience as IT project manager and she is a certified ISTQB software quality engineer, meticulous about client projects, experience flow and software quality.

Team Member

Martin is vital to project success, managing initiatives from inception to completion. As the primary contact, he collaborates across teams, ensuring seamless project implementation. Martin excels in task coordination, milestone tracking, and employs organizational skills, attention to detail, and critical thinking to drive project success.

Team Member
Kaloyan Stoyanov DEV LEAD - FULL STACK

Full Stack Developer, who is very passionate about aesthetics and UI design. Kal skillfully blends t he art of design with the science of programming to deliver an immersive and engaging user experience. Fastidious about proactively optimizing features, Kal makes efficient website development a breeze.

Team Member

Velik builds and maintains server-side implementations of business logic. He is obsessed with performant, elegant solutions, and has a passion for producing strong data processing solutions. Velik excels in collaborate with cross-functional teams

Team Member

With a dream of being a Front-End Developer, Boris Graduated, with honors, to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia and Computer Graphics. Boris is highly driven with the ability to keep up with the ever changing software development field. With a passion for both graphic design and development, Boris takes pride in seeing your vision come to life.

Team Member

Ahmet is a dedicated front-end developer with expertise in Vue.js, passionate about translating ideas into compelling user interfaces. He is a strong believer in the beauty of structured and organized code and takes pride in crafting digital experiences where precision meets creativity.

Team Member

George is passionate about fast, secure, reliable back-end systems. As a Back-End developer, he aims to support beautiful front-end designs with a powerful back-end system. George is driven and up to any challenge that he is met with.

Team Member

Dayana is purposeful and hardworking in everything she does. She is a dedicated back-end developer who never backs down from a challenge. Dayana is devoted to helping you build your efficient and effective dream website for all your business’s needs.

Team Member

With extensive experience with ERP systems and customer service, Dary works to ensure all applications are tested and meet our high standards. She has a keen eye for the smallest details, and loves challenges. She is diligent and attentive throughout the entire development process.

Team Member
Anna Boeva Tsaneva WEB DESIGN

Hyper passionate about digital marketing, web design, and photography. She’s a key player in helping you create a vision that gets new customers, and grows your business.

Team Member
Andriy Mudrenko TECH OPS

Lead infrastructure engineer, skilled in Microsoft server platforms, Azure, Office365, and Windows. He also builds and maintains Linux servers and networks, cloud infrastructure, and telephony. He works on client deployment and production systems as well as creates solutions for our developers.

Team Member
Darin Panovski TECH OPS

System Administrator skilled in cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and cybersecurity. He excels in working closely with clients and resolving issues as technical support. Certified in MS Azure, Linux, and Windows Administration.